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Note: I've seen questions about this happening with the CLI git/git-svn, but nothing with TortoiseGit.

I downloaded and installed Git and TortoiseGit. I already have a remote SVN repository, and TortoiseSVN installed, if that makes any difference.

After creating an empty directory, I use the right context menu as follows:

  • Git Clone
  • Enter the URL of my SVN repository
  • Enter the local directory I just created
  • Click "From SVN Repository"
  • Deselect Tags and Branch since my SVN repository doesn't have them
  • Leave the From: box unchecked (more on this later)

When I hit OK, a window pops up, says it's connecting to the repository, and it scrolls through all the revisions, up to r 1693, which is my latest. It shows "Success", and my local folder has a .git directory in it. But there are no files.

I've fiddled with it as follows:

  • Fetch
  • SVN Fetch
  • SVN Rebase
  • Pull
  • Change revision number to 0
  • Change revision number to 1
  • Change revision number to my latest

SVN Fetch seems like the obvious choice. When I change the revision number, the Clone operation fails with the message:

git did not exit cleanly (exit code 1) (16078 ms @ 12/16/2013 10:31:27 AM)

I'm going to start fiddling with the CLI, but I suspect I will have the same problems. It's a very basic operation, after all. Your help is appreciated.

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The problem, for anyone else who sees this, is that I had the "trunk" option checked, but my svn repository was set up in such a way that there was no trunk/ directory at my target. You have to assume things about the way git-svn is determining the path, or look further in the documentation than I reached.

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I had the same symptoms as described though I had a trunk folder in my SVN repository, however it was named 'Trunk' (note the capitalization). When cloning from an SVN repository if you need to specify a trunk directory you must make sure you are specifying the exact (case sensitive) name.

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