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I'm currently having problem to use arpspoof working under Linux platform to spoof from Local IP address to WAN ip address, But I've no idea on how to do this.

Local IP ubuntu host:

My router IP address :

Outside WAN : xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

When I issue,

arpspoof -i eth0 -t xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

then, it works.

After that I reverse target to my ubuntu IP address, It won't able to worked.

arpspoof - i eth0 -t xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

but it failed after ended with error messages said

arpspoof: couldn't arp for host xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Is it possible to reverse arpspoof from WAN to local?

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removed IP, better to be safe than sorry –  stackErr Feb 9 at 0:22
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you cant spoof WAN networks, unless u can locally access one of the ISPs or HOPS and thats even difficult and need exp equipment

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