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I am considering purchasing VBulletin and integrating it with my J2EE application. While I am still looking into what it takes to enable this integration, I was wondering if VBulletin supports single sign on so that my users do not have to login to VBulletin once they have been authenticated to the application. Any thoughts?

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STFWGoogle is your friend! Seriously, why don't you just look at its vBulletin features (especially if you are considering purchasing it):

Single Member Sign-on Yes Yes

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Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that VBulletin supports SSO across other applications that it might integrate with. Bummer.

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AFAIK none of the PHP based forum apps support true single sign on. Have you considered a java based forum like JForum which does support SSO and with a bit of work it can be made to work with most SSO platforms (OpenId, Cloudseal, CAS etc)

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vbulletin does not support SSO as far as I know. We were trying to integrate JIRA / Crowd with vbulletin, but the vbulletin php guys are living in an ancient era, no support for SSO or openid or any other form on integration.

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