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I am having a lot of trouble trying to set up a Cocoapod on a Beanstalk repo. I set one up without any issues on a public github repo, but I keep getting the following error when trying to run pod install:

[!] No podspec found for `TestFramework` in /Users/myusername/Desktop/PodTest/Pods/TestFramework/TestFramework.podspec

For reference, here is the .podspec in TestFramework (with company name/author names/repo address slightly modified):

Pod::Spec.new do |s|
  s.name         = "TestFramework"
  s.version      = "1.0.0"
  s.summary      = "Custom global framework of helpers"
  s.homepage     = "http://www.testwebsite.com"
  s.license      = { :type => 'MIT', :file => 'License' }
  s.authors       = { "Author 1" => "authorone@gmail.com", "Author 2" => "authortwo@gmail.com" }
  s.platform     = :ios
  s.source       = { :git => "https://mydevenvironment.git.beanstalkapp.com/test_framework.git", :tag => "1.0.0" }
  s.source_files  = 'TestFramework/TestFramework/*.{h,m}'
  s.requires_arc = true

and the Podfile for the PodTest project:

platform :ios

pod 'TestFramework', :git => 'https://mydevenvironment.git.beanstalkapp.com/test_framework.git'
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