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Using jqGrid 4.5.2 & jQuery 1.9.1.

I have a grid that is displayed on a page, and when the user clicks on a row in the grid, it populates some input boxes below the grid for the user to update as they see fit, then to save it.

Also, I have a button in that same area below the grid that allows them to create a new row in the table that populates the grid. When they click the New button, I want to disable anything having to do with the grid that's shown on the page.

I had found where someone had suggested using:

$("#lui_" + mygridid).show(); and $("#lui_" + mygridid).hide();

but have not been able to find much documentation on it, and get an "Unrecognized Expression" error when I try to use the code above to show/hide the grid.

I want to prevent the user from being able to select the grid or anything in it once they've clicked the NEW button on my page, until they click on an Add button to save the info.

What am I missing on the $("#lui_" piece that is giving the error? Any help appreciated.


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