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I am creating an application that asks for permission to manage a YouTube account (Google account) via OAuth2.

This works great, however the problem I'm facing is if the user decides to use a YouTube channel account that is linked to their Google account to grant permissions to our application, I can't find out how to allow them to revoke their permission.

For instance, if our app is authed to a normal Google account, we can go to this page: https://security.google.com/settings/u/0/security/permissions and then revoke the permission by finding our application in the list and clicking the "revoke access" button on the right.

We cannot do this for the linked YouTube channel account. There doesn't seem to be any such permissions dashboard available for these accounts.

When using the aforementioned dashboard, usually you can "switch accounts" by clicking on your account picture in the upper right side of the page. However, when I do this, the linked account is not listed.

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Any solution? I'm having same problem right now. –  Giedrius Apr 8 at 10:35
@Giedrius haven't found one yet :( –  ThaDon Apr 8 at 14:40

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For me it shows up on that page as:

Project Default Service Account
Has access to YouTube

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