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I'm using laravel 4.0 for my web service project. I try to assign relative path to controller subfolder but still got the error message.

This is my router looks like

Route::group(array('prefix' => 'merchant'), function()
    Route::resource('index', 'ProductController@showIndex');
    Route::resource('product', 'CategoryController@showIndex');
    Route::resource('general', 'GeneralController@showIndex');

Current path


I want to be like this one


Thanks a lot in advance.

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You need a namespace to achieve that.

In your controller folder make a directory called merchant and place your ProductController.php inside Merchant directory.

Then open your ProductController.php and use the following namespace on top of the file.

<?php namespace Merchant;

class ProductController extends /BaseController 

After that edit your route file:

 Route::get('index', 'Merchant\ProductController@showIndex');

Remove the Route::group(array('prefix' => 'merchant'), function(). Prefix used when you have a common url for more than one routes.

For example:


Here xyz is common in every URL. So, In this case, you can use group routing with prefix xyz

One more thing, I can see, you have used resource controller.

    Route::resource('index', 'ProductController@showIndex');
    Route::resource('product', 'CategoryController@showIndex');
    Route::resource('general', 'GeneralController@showIndex');

Do you know that By default, for resource controller, Laravel will generate 7 routes. So, You don't need to create @showIndex function when using resource controller.

Route::resource('index', 'ProductController');
Route::resource('product', 'CategoryController');
Route::resource('general', 'GeneralController');

More about resource controller:

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