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I'm playing with django-planet with Django 1.6, and after some (minor) adaptions. I uploaded some feeds (and I can see them in Django-admin) and mounted them in like this:

url(r'^feeds/', include('planet.urls'))

but when I navigate to feeds/ or any other url specified in django-planet : some examples:

url(r'^blogs/$', "blogs_list", name="planet_blog_list"),
url(r'^feeds/$', "feeds_list", name="planet_feed_list"),

I get a blank and empty page. not an error page. but a blank page. when I look at the request I see the django server returning a 200 status. where are django-planet default pages? When I look at django-planet code the views seem to exists..and else I would get an error page doesn't look broken to me, since when I navigate to non existent urls in feeds/ or otherwise I do get the expected error page. I have 2 suspicions:

  1. django-planet not finding the templates. when I look at the lib structure it seems that is naming views that sit in planet subfolder, but actually planet subfolder is under templates folder.

  2. some missing django-planet and undocumented config in my

how can I solve this?

What am I missing? I'll be glad for help with this

I even downgraded to Django 1.5 but it didn't solve the problem

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first of all, share some of your views code, that would help. as for your suspicions - 1. no, else you'd get an TemplateDoesntExist error 2. try a fresh install inside a virtualenv and see if it helps. – yuvi Dec 16 '13 at 22:49
Have you looked at the templates themselves to make sure they're not being shorted? Do they rely on a base template that you have provided, but which is blank? – Thomas Dec 16 '13 at 23:39

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