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According to the R Language Definition (version 3.0.2),

The value returned by a loop statement statement is always NULL and is returned invisibly.

(sec. 3.2.2 "Looping")

What does it mean for a value to be returned invisibly?

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See ?invisible. –  Joshua Ulrich Dec 16 '13 at 22:23
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All functions must return something. invisible means the return value isn't visible to the user. Consider the simple function below:

f <- function(){
    x <- 2
    return( x )

#  Returns 2..
> f()
[1] 2

#  Returns 2 but you can't see it
f <- function(){
    x <- 2
    return( invisible(x) )

> f()
#  But it is still returned...

#num 2

You can see the return value of a for loop like so for example...

str( for( i in 1:3 ){} )

Even invisible itself must return something...

str( invisible() )
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