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Hi so I have the following query that I need help with. Basically I am looking to remove any older entries in my query and retrieve the most recent entry. However, there is a big problem - there can be multiple entries that I also need to retrieve because an application I use creates multiple entries at the same time when more than one value exists for mc.value - and I need to get these. So basically I need the most recent entry, and if there are more than one entry for the most recent entry I need to retrieve all of those entries.

"SELECT p1.path, p1.cms_id,p1.content,m.display_name,m.updated_at,mc.field,mc.value
        FROM page p1
        INNER JOIN metadata m on p1.metadata_id = m.id
        INNER JOIN metadata_custom mc on p1.id = mc.page_id
        where p1.path like '%csusm/".$folder."/%'
        ORDER by p1.path";

If there is any additional info like table structures I can provide that will make helping me easier please let me know.

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please provide sample data and expected results –  Sam D Dec 16 '13 at 23:02
You need to provide your schema definition as well... –  leon Dec 17 '13 at 0:16

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