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I understand Thymeleaf is made for rendering the views however, I just wanted to know if there is any way to set a variable may be in request scope in a Thymeleaf fragment?

I have a very large conditional expression that I have to repeat a lot of times across the application so it will be really helpful if I can set a variable in main layout then reuse it in all other child fragments.

I am aware of using a Spring interceptor and setting the variable in model but I prefer not to.

Please advise.



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If you need the result of your expression only in the fragments you could use


This creates a local variable which you can use everywhere within the dom element you defined it, including fragments.

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In the fragment template, define fragment with parameters:

<div th:fragment=”myfragment(myvariable)”>
    <p th:text=”${myvariable}”></p>

and in layout template, include fragment with that variable specified:

<div th:include=”template :: myfragment(${variable})”></div>

Then variable is passed to the fragment template.

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If you are using Spring MVC along with Thymeleaf, then you should be able to access any bean within thymeleaf template.

Just use expressions like this in global template ...

<span th:text="${beans.myBean.verylargeexpression}"></span>
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