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I am looking for a weather api that I can query by latlng and date. The date seems to be the hard part. All the APIs seem to only return the weather at he current day and/or week. I also need it to work worldwide and not just in the US.

Can anybody suggest one? Ideally i'd like to use Google or Yahoo but i don't think they provide this functionality or at least it is not documented

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The Forecast.io API provides exactly the functionality you require. You can query by coordinates and any time in the past and future. It's available globally wherever there are weather data sources.

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You might find some answers here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/507441/best-weather-apis

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Not sure about querying by date but you can query the Wunderground Data Feed by latlong, see http://wiki.wunderground.com/index.php/API_-_XML for all the details.

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I don't know. But you can look all throughout the web for it. That's what I would recommend for sure no doubt it yea of course you know maybe.

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