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I will put it even simpler:

1. In my system, I have the following information

Node A: Has Public Key of B

Node B: Has Public Key of A

2. Now, Node A wants to share a File UUID_X with Node B. Nobody else should be able to decrypt and read the file UUID_X.

3. I'm thinking about having a Shared Secret Key:

Node A --> Node B: Public_B("This is the shared Key: 256_AES_KEY");

Node B --> Node A: Public_A("Cool");

4. Share the actual file

Node A --> Node B: Public_B("I want to share this file with you: AES_ENCRYPT(UUID_X, 256_AES_KEY)");

Node B --> Node A: Public_A("Cool");

I have been reading about symmetric encryption and I believe this is a safe option. Am I in the right track? Does Dropbox or any other enterprise sharing file solution do something similar?

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why the close vote? would you mind to explain? –  cacho Dec 17 '13 at 0:56

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