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I want to pass the current line of s-expression to scheme interpreter and execute it , how should I do ?

I use Chez Scheme Petite as the interpreter , however , if I pass a file to it , it just sets up the environment , I just want to pass the code to it and run the code and get the results printed .

For example , I have such code

(define fact    
  (lambda (n)    
    (cond ((= n 1) 1)    
      (else (* n (fact (- n 1)))))))    

(fact 5)

and save it as fact.ss ;

If I run it in cmd , petite fact.ss , I can only set up the environment , I need to reenter (fact 5) after ">" , then get the result print .

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You are executing it. However, since you're doing nothing with the return value of (fact 5), it just gets thrown away.

Perhaps you should try (display (fact 5)) instead.

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