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I'am trying to run multiple independent Play Framework 2.2 projects on one single Play server. Problem is that when I use run or start to start the application, then the "sub"-project shows the content of the "root"-project. I have read everything avaliable, but I can't figure out a solution :/

Here's the build.sbt:

lazy val aaaroot = project.in(file(".")).aggregate(project1).dependsOn(project1)

lazy val project1 = project.in(file("project1"))

The routes file of the "root"-project:

GET     /                           controllers.Application.index()

GET     /assets/*file               controllers.Assets.at(path="/public", file)

->  /project1  project1.Routes

The routes file (called project1.routes) of the "sub"-project:

GET     /                           controllers.project1.Application.index()

GET     /assets/*file               controllers.project1.Assets.at(path="/public", file)

The Application.java Controller of the subproject uses package controllers.project1;

I also tried to set up the "Router object" in the application.conf file of the "sub"-project ( application.router=project1.Routes ). As described here.

Every suggestion is highly appreciated!!!

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Found the error. The controller is used correctly, but there is a name-conflict with the views.

My Application.java says:

package controllers.project1;

import play.*;
import play.mvc.*;

import views.html.*;

public class Application extends Controller {

    public static Result index() {
        return ok(index.render("Project1"));


The error is the line import views.html.*;. This calls the views from the main-project. To avoid it I had to rename the view-folder to something else and edit the import like import viewsofproject1.html.*;

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