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I would like to be able to write PCM wav files with 32-bit floating point samples. This seems to be a valid format since libsndfile claims to support it.

However, if I specify in my header a sample size of 32-bits, any program I open it in assumes that it's 32-bit integer data. What flags, etc need to be set in the wav file header to specify floating point data?

Can anyone point me to some documentation that explains how to do this?

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You need to set the wFormat tag in the 'fmt' chunk to WAVE_FORMAT_IEEE_FLOAT (3).

A good source for the WAVE format specification is this page.

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Han, your page seems to not be available to me right now. Perhaps the server is down?

In case it never comes back up, this is also a good reference: https://ccrma.stanford.edu/courses/422/projects/WaveFormat/

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i did implement a simple 32 float export/ import .. although the code project is broken so i can't verify it still works..but it did. here's some practical things i found out..

PCM = format code "1" Floating Point PCM = format code "3"

this is the only difference between a simple 32bit float and 16 PCM .. and the fact that samples are bigger depending on the sample size used (ie, 32bit or 64bit IEEE) ..but also see below

formats other than 16bit pcm normally have a waveformatex chunk, a newer addition to the wave format..i don't bother with it..i don't deal with compressed formats..but you'll have to limit the samplerate to 48hz or below to get it to work with the older style header (ie,simple 44byte + samples) with 32bit float samples .. its the rules I believe

also, float samples are normalized to -1..1 , rather than integer -32768..32767

8 bit samples are stored as unsigned bytes, and 127.5 is subtracted to convert to -127.5..127.5 range

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This doesn't seem to answer the question... –  BradleyDotNET 1 hour ago
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