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I am using Apache Shiro with Spring and using Spring's Java config only. (no xml). Below is a portion of my config class:

public class AppConfig {

public LifecycleBeanPostProcessor lifecycleBeanPostProcessor() {
    return new LifecycleBeanPostProcessor();

public ShiroFilterFactoryBean shiroFilter(DefaultWebSecurityManager securityManager) {
    ShiroFilterFactoryBean factoryBean = new ShiroFilterFactoryBean();

    String shiroIniContents = readFile(new ClassPathResource("shiro.ini").getFile().toPath());
    factoryBean.setFilterChainDefinitions(shiroIniContents);//only reads the [urls] section


    return factoryBean;

public DefaultWebSecurityManager securityManager()  {
    DefaultWebSecurityManager securityManager = new DefaultWebSecurityManager();
    return securityManager;

As you can see, I am trying to load shiro.ini by passing it to ShiroFilterFactoryBean.setFilterChainDefinitions().

But that method only loads the contents of the [urls] section. So anything in the [main] section is left untouched.

So then, how/where do I configure shiro using the full contents of shiro.ini?

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Take a look here. You should try to refactor everything to Java config instead of using .ini files. –  Sotirios Delimanolis Dec 17 '13 at 5:34

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You can try what the documentation says and create a SecurityManager from the ini file

Factory<SecurityManager> factory = new IniSecurityManagerFactory("classpath:shiro.ini");
SecurityManager securityManager = factory.getInstance();

and in your @Bean method

ShiroFilterFactoryBean factoryBean = new ShiroFilterFactoryBean();
factoryBean.setSecurityManager(securityManager); // referring to previous

You will need to cast the securityManager to DefaultSecurityManager if you need to further configure it.

You really should not use shiro.ini when using Spring. You have much stronger tools at your disposal.

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