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I am writing an XML generator per my manager's request. For less typings' sake, I decided using ElementTree as parser and SimpleXMLWriter as writer.

The result XML require attributes named "class". e.g.

<Node class="oops"></Node>

As the official tutorial suggested, to write an XML node just use this method:

w.element("meta", name="generator", value="my application 1.0")

So I wrote:

w.element("Node", class="oops")

python fails yawning SyntaxError. Any help?

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I guess SimpleXMLWriter developers meant this solution:

w.element("Node", None, {'class': 'oops'})


w.element("Node", attrib={'class': 'oops'})
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What steveha has written is true. As in any language, keywords can't be used for different purposes.

What you can do, if you must use "class" is this:

w.element("Node", **{'class': 'oops'})
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thanks! you save the day. – nil Jan 14 '10 at 7:21

class is a reserved word in Python. You just can't use it for a variable name, any more than you can have a variable called class in C++.

The usual abbreviation for class is either klass or cls.

Here is an official list of reserved words in Python:

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I'm aware of that. Thanks for reminding me XD. – nil Jan 14 '10 at 7:17

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