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I wanted to know what is the actual reason behind MongoDB "connection refused " error and How can we prevent this from happening.I am using ubuntu server.

I found that we can solve the problem after it has occured by:

sudo -u mongodb mongod --repair -dbpath /var/lib/mongodb
sudo start mongodb

I would like to know the way how can we stop it from occurring rather than solving it after it has occurred

The scenario is:

Mongodb is running well but after sometime I get this error .What I am doing in that span of time is I am continuously inserting data to that mongodb database in an interval of 1 minute.

I am using yii's yiiMongoDbsuite extension.The actual error thrown is.

EMongoDB failed to open connection: Failed to connect to: xx.xxx.xxx.xx:27017:
Connection refused

I would really appreciate if somebody helps me in this case.Thanks.

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Are there any other messages in the logs? I would check db.serverStatus().connections and see if you are running out of available connections and perhaps need to increase your ulimits. Running a 'repair' should be unrelated to connections (and very unnecessary/unhelpful as a remedy for the described problem). Is this system monitored in MMS? – Stennie Dec 17 '13 at 6:51
@Pratik How you are inserting the data. Are you creating connection every time of insertion? Post the insertion code so that it's easy to debug and help. – karthick.k Dec 17 '13 at 6:55
@ Karthick.k Actually I am using nodejs and I am making connection only once. It works perfect initially but after about 15,20 or more minutes of continuos data insertion in an interval of 1 min.. ,it throws that error @Stennie I increased ulimit for number of user processes in ubuntu server .. Let see what happens.. – pratikacharya Dec 17 '13 at 10:21
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You might want to look if Journaling is turned on in your settings, for more information, please refer to this previously answered question

Restarting / Autorepairing Mongodb in Production

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