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Can I restart the Concurrency Agent object after it done his work?

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Short answer is No.

If you look at the life cycle described here, you'll see the following:

Agents have a set life cycle. The concurrency::agent_status enumeration defines the various states of an agent. The following illustration is a state diagram that shows how agents progress from one state to another. In this illustration, solid lines represent methods that you call from your application; dotted lines represent methods that are called from the runtime.


This shows clearly that once your agent has entered the done or cancelled state, there's no way back.

Also, if you look at the agent::start documentation, you see this:

Moves an agent from the agent_created state to the agent_runnable state, and schedules it for execution.

and this:

An agent that has been canceled cannot be started.

Although this doesn't mention the done state, I've found from experience that once it's done, it's done. The state sequence diagram shows a one-way trip for all paths.

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Thank you for answer. – 23W Dec 17 '13 at 8:20

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