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I am working on a event handler to report exceptions to a remote api (similar to newrelic agent) and I can not find a way to add my middleware to the rack without doing it in the environment.rb file.

I do not want to do it in the environment.rb file because i plan on turning this into a gem and I would like to minimize the installation process.

Here is the simple middleware I want to add into my app:

class ResponseTimer
  def initialize(app)
    @app = app

  def call(env)
    #do something here

the only way I can find to include it is by adding this to my environment cofig:

config.middleware.use "ResponseTimer"

I have been working with rails for just over a year but this is my first experience with rack and middleware.

Any advice is appreciated!

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Gems can configure their host apps by providing a Railtie.

For example, here is a shortened version of how the BetterErrors gem does it:

module BetterErrors
  class Railtie < Rails::Railtie
    initializer "better_errors.configure_rails_initialization" do
      Rails.application.middleware.use BetterErrors::Middleware
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Thank you this was exactly the answer I was looking for! –  Jessiah Jan 13 '14 at 23:38


for the basic tutorial of rack a clear explanation may solve your problem

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