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I am looking for advice on how to handle different API versions for a given service from the client side. I have founds references to supporting multiple versions as the API provider, for example, here and here. I've not been able to find much on how to cater for multiple API versions from client code. Some context - this question was brought about because I want to support multiple Zabbix server versions from the Chef zabbix cookbook - it thus concerns Ruby code.

As I see it there some options

  1. Simple don't - This is an easy option but in my situation it would be advantageous to support the latest couple of versions
  2. If/else decisions for each API call - This seems unmaintainable as the code would quickly get messy and making changes for one version can easily break another version
  3. Separate libraries for each API version - And just include the correct once based on the detected API. This self-contains support for each version but there will be lots of duplicate code for where things are still the same.

It seems like some kind of abstraction will be required where I can make a generic operation and the client library code responsible would determine which API version to use based on the server's reported version.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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I don't know anything about Ruby. But could you something like where you have a version 1 with all kinds of methods which can be overridden by derived classes? Thus making a version 2 and override where you need to because it has some new functionality and just use the version 1 where they need to stay the same, thus avoiding code redundancy. Somehwat a variety on your option 3 I guess but with inheritance or at least public available methods. –  Mingah Dec 17 '13 at 10:00

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I think I would go for something like this:

class Api::V1::Client
  def some_method(id)
    JSON.parse RestClient.get('something')

  def about_to_deprecate
    JSON.parse RestClient.get('deprecated_feature')

class Api::V2::Client < Api::V1::Client
  def some_new_feature
    JSON.parse RestClient.get('something_else')

  def about_to_deprecate
    raise 'Deprecated'
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