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Initial state:

1) I have PC, which have access only to local server (ssh deployer@localserver is working, ssh git@github.com is not).

2) I have local server (mentioned above), which have access to Internet (ssh git@github.com is working)

3) I need to deploy my Rails apps from the PC using Capistrano through this local server.

I have read SSH-agent-forwarding topic and here is my situation:

enter image description here

What do I want:

I would like to have an ssh access from the PC to my VPS like this:

ssh ubuntu@ec2-...#.com. 

How can I do it? Probably I need something in my ~/.ssh/config?

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I have found the solution:

In ssh/config file we should put the following:

Host github.com
Hostname github.com
ProxyCommand ssh -q deployer@localservername nc -q0 %h 22
User git

Instead of github.com there can be another host or just (*):

Host *
ProxyCommand ssh ....

Also this(transparent-multihop-ssh) is very useful link regarding this issue.

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