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Some IDEs offer the feature to automatically format a line or block of code after finishing it e.g. by writing the closing curly or semicolon. I find it hard to believe that IDEA does not offer this kind of feature. Or does it?

If you know how to turn it on - or if I maybe need some plugin - let me and the world know, please!

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There is no automatic reformat feature, related requests:

See also my answer to the similar question with the Complete Current Statement workaround.

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If it's a single line, you can use the Complete Current Statement action (which adds a closing bracket, semi-colon, and so on) with ctrl-shift-enter - this seems to reformat the whole line.

Otherwise, you can obeviously rebind ctrl-w and ctrl-alt-l (Selected text) or just ctrl-alt-l (Whole file) to faster / easier keybindings so that you can quickly reformat whenever you want to.

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