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I stumbled upon this bug(?) a couple of times when replacing logos and icons: When I delete a file from my Xcode project (Yes, I delete it. I don’t just remove the reference), I can’t add a file named the same. Even after a product clean (+build folder clean) and a manual check of the project’s folder I can’t add a file with its predecessors name.

Usually this has not been a big problem, because I can workaround this by renaming the images. I’m having this problem with a new version of a framework now which makes it highly annoying.

I tried to solve it by:

  • Product clean + build folder clean
  • manually checking if the file is still in the project folder (or above its root level)
  • restarting Xcode
  • closing project + reopening it
  • restore from git then trying to replace the framework
  • opening the .xcodeproj file with a text editor searching for the file and removing the entry it had left.

I just feel dumb right now. Am I missing something? How do you replace a file to circumvent this behaviour? Thanks in advance!

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