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I am trying to extend the default behaviour of content assist for XML files in Eclipse (Helios or lower). I need to add some predefined list items in an XML file when a user types a particular string and presses Ctrl+Space.
I tried to search over the internet and got some basic knowledge from Eclipse Help and from this blog.
However, being a newbie in writing plugins, I'm unable to figure out some points, like

  • What should be the plugin template?
  • or where will the implementing class reside?

I am unable to find any tutorial which can explain it in a better way. Any suggestions in terms of useful links/tutorials would be a great help.


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The help you link to is for developing content assist in a new editor. If what you want is to add to the existing Eclipse WST XML editor then you have to use the org.eclipse.wst.sse.ui.completionProposal extension point defined by WST to add content proposals. There is an example here

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