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What means this &n declaration in Oracle PL/SQL? Usage in code sample (taken from here) is shown below:

    myex EXCEPTION;
    PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT(myex,-20015); 
    n NUMBER := &n;
    FOR i IN 1..n LOOP
        IF i=n THEN
            RAISE myex;
        END IF;
    WHEN myex THEN
        dbms_output.put.line('loop is end');
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&n is a substitution variable.

When a substitution variable is used in a statement, SQL*Plus requests an input value and rewrites the statement to include it. The rewritten statement is passed to the database. As a result, the database server knows nothing of the substitution variable.

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Thank you for brief and accurate explanation. –  Igrek. Dec 17 '13 at 13:01

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