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I have a model with a checkboxlist Field with checkboxes and each checkbox with their own value id/text values, with this model i made a CRUD, all works OK with add or updating de model, but:

I want make the grid of the crud show the corresponding text values of the perms field instead of the ids, at DB level i see the 1,4,5 ids.. How can I see translated those id numers with their corresponding text value of the array?? Can I atach some helper function or similar to the field in the crud grid??

Model user:


                1=>'Es Administrador',
                2=>'Administración Seguridad',
                3=>'Administración Listas',

        ))->display(array("form" => "checkboxlist"))->sortable(true);

Code of the page view with the crud. users.html:

    $users_list = $this->add('CRUD');
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One way is to define custom grid column formatter, but maybe there's also a simpler method for this. Actually I believe such functionality should be by default and I remember doing something about this myself some time ago. Need to check my old code. –  DarkSide Dec 18 '13 at 20:43

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