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I have a folder names "projects" in c drive. i store all my java files in that folder.

my class path is : c\projects

Now i created a java file as myProgram in projects folder. in that file or program i created a package whose name is myPackage using the simple syntax

package myPackage;

at the very top of the program.

when i compile this program on the command prompt using following commands

c:\projects > javac myPackage.myProgram.java

i am getting the error

error: cannot read: myPackage.myProgram.java 1 error

please help

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Your question is not about runnning a java program, it is about compiling one. – Ingo Dec 17 '13 at 12:55
javac myPackage/myProgram.java
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You have to place the file in a folder thats named like the package.

Like this:


Also note that usually classes start with an uppercase letter. So your class (and the File) should be named MyProgram.

Then you have to run the javac as Satheesh Cheveri correctly said from



javac myPackage/myProgram.java

(note the / instead of . in the javac command).

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Thanks a lot.Now it is working. – Saher Basharti Dec 18 '13 at 7:28

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