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I want to get difference between two dates chosen by two date time pickers in
years, months & days in separate text boxes.

I've tried:


It is not working.

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What is not working? Any errors? –  DevelopmentIsMyPassion Dec 17 '13 at 13:10

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Try this:

Dim date1 As Date = Date.Now
Dim date2 As Date = date1.AddDays(4.0#)

Dim span = date2 - date1

Dim days As Double = span.TotalDays '=4

And if you want to extract the years, take a look at this post.

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Use TimeSpan and some date calculaton, this should work:

Dim offset = New Date(1, 1, 1)
Dim dateOne = DateTimePicker1.Value
Dim dateTwo = DateTimePicker2.Value
Dim diff As TimeSpan = dateTwo - dateOne
Dim years = (offset + diff).Year - 1
Dim months = (dateTwo.Month - dateOne.Month) + 12 * (dateTwo.Year - dateOne.Year)
Dim days = diff.Days
TxtYear.Text = years.ToString
TxtMonth.Text = months.ToString
TxtDays.Text = days.ToString
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Try this:


Assuming that datetimepicker1 and datetimepicker2 are of type DateTime. If not, you need to get their respective DateTime values and use those instead.

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Something like this should work:

    Dim dateOne = DateTimePicker1.Value
    Dim dateTwo = DateTimePicker2.Value
    Dim diff As TimeSpan = dateTwo.Subtract(dateOne)
    Dim years As Double = diff.TotalDays / 365
    txtyrs.Text = years.ToString
    txtmonsh.Text = (years * 12).ToString
    txtdays.Text = diff.TotalDays.ToString
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Thanks everyone. I got it.

Some calculations must do and then,

dim ts as TimeSpan = dtpicker1.value - dtpicker.value
dim days,months,years as integer
months = 12*(dtp1.value.year-dtp2.value.year)   (dtp1.value.month-dtp2.value.month)

... More

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for ex. : interval can be day,month, year,hours,second minutes etc it subtracts date1 from date2

enter date1 and date2 in Dateformat

format : DateDiff(DateInterval.Day, Now.Date, Now.AddDays(4).Date) output : 4

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