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I feel like I hacked this into tornado and it is in poor form. The goal was to get an error message down into a template. This error message would only need to be within one handler (responsible for that same page).

The template line:

{% if errormsg is not None %}
<div class="alert-warning">{{ errormsg }}</div>
{% end %}

The relevant handler section:

if auth:
  self.errormsg = "Login Failed"
  self.render("login.html", errormsg=self.errormsg)

At this point I was getting global namespace error messages on the page when errormsg was not set to something.

NameError: global name 'errormsg' is not defined

The workaround I found was to muck around with the global render function within my BaseHandler (I do not like this one bit):

def render(self, template, **kwargs):
  if hasattr(self, 'errormsg'):
    kwargs['errormsg'] = self.errormsg
    kwargs['errormsg'] = None
  super(BaseHandler, self).render(template, **kwargs)

This basically adds the errormsg to every render now. Is there a correct way to do this that doesn't mess with the global render function?



Because what I'm actually trying to do is pass different/multiple, non-standard kwargs parameters into inherited handlers, I actually really think I was looking for a better way to test, in this case errormsg, within the template context.

{% if 'errormsg' in globals() %}

This still feels pretty hacked into place since this issue is the first time globals actually showed up at all while working with tornado.

I do like extending render for setting kwargs default values for all inherited handlers (what it is actually for). I think this may also be similar to how self.current_user works.

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Overriding render() is officially supported, but it's a bit cleaner to override get_template_namespace instead: http://www.tornadoweb.org/en/stable/web.html#tornado.web.RequestHandler.get_template_namespace

Or, if errormsg is an attribute of the RequestHandler, you can just access handler.errormsg in the template - the handler variable is always set to the current RequestHandler.

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Ohhh, overriding get_template_namespace is going to make some of my apps much cleaner. Thanks! –  Cole Maclean Dec 18 '13 at 4:30

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