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I've spent enough time today trying to create unit test to cover my js modules written as amd module. Unfortunately, I gave up.
Of course you can't just require you js file because the define function will be undefined.
I've run my test scripts by following line:

casperjs test test.js

Then, I've tried to inject all scripts to empty page and evaluate it:

  casper = require("casper").create({
    clientScripts: [
    logLevel: "debug",
    verbose: true
casper.test.begin('charts created', 1, function(test) {

  casper.start().then(function() {
    require('utils').dump(this.evaluate(function() {
      return this.requirejs('MyJSClass');
    .run(function() {

result was null.

After that I created an empty html file and loaded all scripts there. The result is the same =( I can't get my module to test
Any ideas?

P.S. casper ver 1.1-dev, phantomjs 1.9.2

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