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First :
Is it possible to set either an option or to easily change jQuery UI core code so the datepicker will always show a fixed amount of rows(/weeks) ?

Displaying a month takes either 5 or 6 rows/weeks, and the difference in height is not something I want using an inline datepicker.
Answered: hardcode the variable numRows in ui.datepicker.js var numRows = 6;

Is it also possible to change 'Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa' to 'S M T W T F S' ?
Answered: dayNamesMin: ['S','M','T','W','T','F','S']

Is it possible to have the month AND year in one and the same dropdown menu (between the arrows)? In the css file there is a line ' .ui-datepicker select.ui-datepicker-month-year {width: 100%;}' which suggests it is possible, but I can't find the js code to enable this.

And also, is it possible besides showing dates from other months, to make them selectable as well ? (non-selectable by default when using showOtherMonths: true)


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That will mean cutting off some days from a month. Do you really want this?


See the daysNameMin and daysNameShort properties.


These are selectable by default.

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First: Which days are going to be cut off ? If I always want to display 6 rows, all days of the month are shown. Second: Thanks for that link, I must have missed that one. Fourth: They really are not selectable by default: jqueryui.com/demos/datepicker/#option-showOtherMonths –  Cornelis Jan 14 '10 at 12:40
You are right about the fourth one - I thought you meant using the numberOfMonths property. –  kgiannakakis Jan 14 '10 at 13:30

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