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So I would like to turn off stop word filtering on the username, title, and tags fields but not the description field.

As you can imagine I do not want to filter out a result called the best but I do want to stop the from affecting the score if it is in the description field (search the on GitHub if you want an example).

Now @Javanna says ( Is there a way to "escape" ElasticSearch stop words? ):

In your case I would disable stopwords for that specific field rather than modifying the stopword list, but you could do the latter too if you wish to.

Failing to provide an example so I searched around and tried the common query: http://www.elasticsearch.org/blog/stop-stopping-stop-words-a-look-at-common-terms-query/ which didn't work for me either.

So I searched for specifically stopping the filtering stop words however the closest I have come to is stopping it index wide: Can I customize Elastic Search to use my own Stop Word list? by attacking the analyzer directly, or failing that the documentation hints at making my own analyzer :/.

What is the best way selectively disable stop words on certain fields?

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I think you already know what to do, which would be to customize your analyzers for certain fields. From what I understand you did not manage to create a valid syntax example for that. This is what we used in a project, I hope that this example points you in the right direction:

    :settings => {
      :analysis => {
        :analyzer => {
          :analyzer_umlauts => {
            :tokenizer    => "standard",
            :char_filter  => ["filter_umlaut_mapping"],
            :filter       => ["standard", "lowercase"],
        :char_filter => {
          :filter_umlaut_mapping => {
            :type => 'mapping',
            :mappings_path => es_config_file("char_mapping")
    :mappings => {
      :company => {
        :properties => {
          :postal_city => { :type => "string",  :analyzer => "analyzer_umlauts", :omit_norms => true, :omit_term_freq_and_positions => true, :include_in_all => false },
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Sweet it does I'll test it tomorrow when I am back and mark it thanks :) –  Sammaye Dec 17 '13 at 18:13
Yep finally got it working thanks :) –  Sammaye Dec 18 '13 at 11:18

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