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Using neo4j 1.9 and neo4j spatial for 1.9. Trying to get findGeometriesWithinDistance REST call working.

I can confirm that the install has worked and that the function exists BUT, using the http console I get a "Node 0 does not exist" error. The REST request I make is exactly as in the docs but instead of returning nodes I get this error.

What is going on that requires node 0 to exist and hence causes the error?

For info, the REST findGeometriesInBBox works fine.

On Further Investigation...

Using py2neo to interact with the DB. In particular, we make use of the GregorianCalendar functionality (see here). When removed from our logic the process of findGeometriesWithinDistance works fine.

Looking into it further, there are comments in the py2neo code that say #retain a handle to the root node (see the first code example here).

Does this "handle" do something with the node of index 0 so we can't use it?

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Did you accidentally clean out your database?

I.e. remove node 0, which was the reference node that neo4j-spatial connected its root elements to (in 1.9)?

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Do you have that DB somewhere to test it? –  Peter Neubauer Dec 18 '13 at 13:03
So...nop, we didn't clean out the DB and quite sure non of our logic deletes the 0 index node. BUT, I have modified the question with further info, it might be a py2neo GregorianCalendar problem –  user965586 Dec 19 '13 at 9:19
Yep...after getting through some more of the logic there it was graph_db.clear(). –  user965586 Jan 14 at 22:34

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