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I need to add in a $person into the area were you add a value into addChild ,So it add's the value fo $person it into my xml file

$person->addChild('first_name', $person);

I know this is wrong but could some one explain why ?


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Both the context object and the second parameter are named $person. You certainly don't want to add the "complete object" to a child element. Which part of the parent element $person do you want to add to the child element $person->first_name? – VolkerK Jan 14 '10 at 13:31

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Second argument of SimpleXMLElement::addChild is only used for string values, like:


If you have subelements in the element, you have to create them without specifying a string value (a subelement created will be returned by addChild), and then populate with attributes, values, and sub-elements of their own.

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