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We are using RTC for version control and build system. RTC's web interface allow user to create custom queries for work items - good.

How about creating custom queries to the builds (or other RTC items maybe)? Let's say I want to know in what builds this particular file was modified or in what builds this particular team member contributed something.

Definitely there is no web interface to do this. Maybe some other tool? .. Something...

BTW, I didn't find it in scm.exe tool provided with eclipse.


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While there is no web GUI for building such a query, there is a REST API for querying Build Results:

See "Report REST API" (you need a -- free -- jazz.net account to access it), for com.ibm.team.build.BuildResult, that you can access as in this thread, for instance:

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Thanks! That what I was looking for. –  IgorStack Dec 17 '13 at 21:17

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