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My application uses SDL library. For enter to fullscreen mode I use SDL_SetVideoMode and appropriate flag - SDL_FULLSCREEN.

Problem: When application is in fullscreen mode, I can't call "force quit" dialog and switching between other applications. After Cmd+Option+ESQ clicking my application is quit instead of "force quit" dialog is appear. And on Cmd+Tab clicking nothing is happens...

Can anybody help me?

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As says on another forum:

"That is the normal behavior for the APIs that SDL is using. 10.5 added a new API (-[NSView enterFullScreenMode:withOptions:] which has slightly different behavior, I think, but SDL is not using it."

So, maybe someone knows any possibilities to achieve this behavior in application based on SDL library?

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SDL is not the best choice for Mac OS X I think, native API like Cocoa give you full easy control than one

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