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I've got the problem that I have a MIME-encoded file with all relevant mail information (subject, from, to, ...) and want to send it over a defined SMTP server via C#.

I've looked at the MailMessage class and searched for a solution, but I couldn't find something fitting. Are you able to help me?

Thanks, Matthias

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The current version of the standard .NET framework does not support it AFAIK. However you will find such functionality in most third-party mail components.

Following code uses our Rebex Mail library.

using Rebex.Net; // Smtp class
using Rebex.Mail; // contains the MailMessage and other classes 

// create an instance of MailMessage 
MailMessage message = new MailMessage();

// load the message from a local disk file 

Smtp.Send(message, "");

The code is taken from Rebex SMTP Tutorial and Rebex MailMessage tutorial.

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In a word "no".

You will have to parse the file, extract the data, and set the various properties on the MailMessage object.

If you are looking to create or load a MailMessage object from mime content, there isn't any way to do that natively in the Framework.

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You can do it easily accomplish this task using Mail.dll email component:

IMail email = new CreateFromEmlFile("c:\\email.eml");

using(Smtp smtp = new Smtp())
    smtp.Ehlo(HeloType.EhloHelo, "Mail.dll");
    smtp.Login("user", "password");



Please note that Mail.dll is a commercial product that I've created.

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