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Please excuse my English.

I create a vocabulary(category), with parents and childrens:


Add a menu for this, after, create a content type (object), with field for select a taxonomy child, with hierarchical_select module.

The url of taxonomy pages are "taxonomy/term/X", for childrens and parents.

I create a view for list all the objects of the same children category,with put contextual filter "Has taxonomy term ID (with depth)" and url of this view is "taxonomy/term/%".

The list is correct, i push in tennis for example, and can see the objects of this category.

The problem:

This view, modify children and parent page, I need change only the children, and afterwards make other view for parents.

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Maybe Taxonomy Views Integrator can help. It allows you to select specific views to render related content on taxonomy term pages.

This can help too I think :

Good luck

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