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I'm using the latest version of JPGraph and I'm trying to alter the graph_api file to show values on Group Bar Plots. Here's a snippet of code to show my alterations (for those looking at the API, this is in the graph_group function):

$tot = new BarPlot( array_values( $total ) );
$tot->SetLegend( lang_get( 'legend_total' ) );

$p1 = new BarPlot( array_values( $p_metrics['open'] ) );
$p1->SetFillColor( 'yellow' );
$p1->SetWidth( 1 );
$p1->SetLegend( plugin_lang_get( 'legend_opened' ) );
$p1->SetLegend( lang_get( 'legend_still_open' ) );

$p2 = new BarPlot( array_values( $p_metrics['closed'] ) );
$p2->SetFillColor( 'blue' );
$p2->SetWidth( 1 );
$p2->SetLegend( plugin_lang_get( 'legend_closed' ) );
$p2->SetLegend( lang_get( 'legend_closed' ) );

$gbplot = new GroupBarPlot( array( $p1, $p2 ) );

$graph->Add( $gbplot );

According to the API, using "value->show()" should display the values. When I add in that last line (for $gbplot), the graph doesn't show. If I comment it out, the graph will display sans values. What am I missing?

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Don't you need to add the bar plots (or the GroupBarPlot) to your graph using $graph->Add()? –  Felipe Almeida Dec 17 '13 at 18:45
Sorry, I didn't post that far. I am adding it to the graph. I'm updating the snippet to account for that. –  LNendza Dec 17 '13 at 19:04

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Apparently the issue has to deal with the fact that JPGraph won't let you overwrite its theme by default. I found by setting the theme to null allowed me to make more extensive changes. IMO, that's a pretty dumb setup, but c'est la vie. Here's what my graph definition looks like now:

$graph = new Graph( $p_graph_width, $p_graph_height );
$graph->graph_theme = null;

The 'graph_theme' line is the new addition made that fixed the issue for me. I hope this helps others in the future as it's not explicitly stated in their API.

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