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I have a file called "build_properties.xml" in my Java project, which is not a valid XML file, and it is not meant to be. It's included by a build system in another place, so I don't want to touch that file. But it is still a part of the Eclipse project.

By default, Eclipse didn't try to validate that "build_properties.xml" is actually an XML file, but I accidentally clicked on "Validate". Now it marks this file, and the whole project, as having an error, with the little red "X" icon. This makes it difficult to spot actual errors.

I want Eclipse to ignore the XML validation error. I don't want to change the name of the file or its contents. How do I do this?

(I'm using Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers, build id 20090920-1017.)

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right click on project > Properties > Validation > XML Validator > Settings (...) and add your xml to the exclusion list

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