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The issue is getting call to recognize the o.geturl() command in the call command.

from subprocess import call
import time
from urlparse import urlparse

def ListOfTests():
    myFile = open("testUrlToImport.txt", "r")
    myLines = list(myFile)

    for urls in myLines:
        urlsAsAString = str(urls)
        o =urlparse(urlsAsAString)

        call(["phantomjs", "yslow.js", "--info", "basic", "--format", "plain", "o.geturl()"])

Any pointers are appreciated. Thanks!

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Forgot to mention - im using nosetests to use this function. $ nosetests -vs UrlPer.py:ListOfTests The output I see FAIL to load undefined. –  MinimalMaximizer Dec 17 '13 at 19:21

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You should remove quotes from the o.geturl(). This should work:

call(["phantomjs", "yslow.js", "--info", "basic", "--format", "plain", o.geturl()])
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