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I am looking at GC.stat metrics and it seems like there are not good official docs about them.

These 2 articles were helpful:

Can someone clarify what is the time frame for which the metrics are reported.



Here is what I know and what I don't:

 :count=> Since the start of the process 
 :heap_used=> Since ?
 :heap_length=>Since ?
 :heap_increment=>Since ?
 :heap_live_num=>Since ?
 :heap_free_num=>Since ?
 :heap_final_num=>Since ?
 :total_allocated_object=> Since the start of the process
 :total_freed_object=> Since the start of the process

Can someone clarify for the metrics with '?' the timeframe. It could be since the start of the process or since the last GC .

I am guessing its all 'Since start of the process' to be consistant, but I want to be sure .


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My guess would be that "heap_free_num" is basically the number available right when you made the call to GC.stat (it has that much free space that it will fill before it performs the next GC) –  rogerdpack Dec 17 '13 at 22:19
heap_live_num: updated at each GC.stat call heap_free_num: updated at last GC run heap_final_num: updated at last GC run –  mestachs Jan 20 '14 at 8:09

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Based on the first resource you already posted, we can conclude the following:

  • heap_used: currently
  • heap_length: currently
  • heap_increment: currently (updated if after a GC run there is not enough space)
  • heap_live_num: currently (updated after each GC run)
  • heap_free_num: currently (updated after each GC run)
  • heap_final_num: curently (updated after each GC run)
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