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I am trying to get news.arc running on Redhat's Openshift. (DIY Cartridge using Raycine's instructions to get racket running)

Here are the steps that I have followed

  1. Get the DIY cartridge running using raycine's instructions from here - https://github.com/RayRacine/rackos/wiki/Quick-Start

  2. Get anarki's news.arc from here https://github.com/arclanguage/anarki/

On deploying the code, racket is installed, however I don't know how to pass arc prompt arguments. So, I ssh into the openshift server and do the following

$racket -f as.scm 
arc>(load "lib/news.arc") 
Error: "tcp-listen: listen failed\n port number: 8080\n system error: Permission denied; errno=13"

I found this thread - http://arclanguage.com/item?id=7731 which has a similar error.

Openshift allows usage of 8080 port which news.arc uses by default. However, Openshift requires using their internal IP ($OPENSHIFT_DIY_IP).

I tried finding a way to specify an ip for tcp-listen. (Racket's tcp-listen documentation is here - http://docs.racket-lang.org/reference/tcp.html)

Here are some ?relevant lines from ac.scm (https://github.com/arclanguage/anarki/blob/master/ac.scm)

(xdef open-socket  (lambda (num) (tcp-listen num 50 #t)))

(xdef socket-connect (lambda (host port)
                     (lambda () (tcp-connect host port)))))

(xdef ssl-connect (lambda (host port)
                  (lambda () (ssl-connect host port)))))

lang.arc has these lines, however I doubt lib/lang.arc is called when I load news.arc (I tried replacing the ip with the value of $OPENSHIFT_DIY_IP but same result)

reactor.connectTCP("localhost", «lang-control-port», ControlClientFactory())         
reactor.listenTCP(«lang-listen-port!python», site, interface='')

news.arc has these lines where 8080 port is referred to

(def nsv ((o port 8080))
  (map ensure-dir (list arcdir* newsdir* storydir* votedir* profdir*))
  (unless stories* (load-items))
  (if (and initload-users* (empty profs*)) (load-users))
  (asv port))

Racket's TCP reference mentions the use of hostname.

    (tcp-connect        hostname                 
         [  local-hostname               
            local-port-no])     →       
    input-port?     output-port?

  hostname : string?
  port-no : (integer-in 1 65535)
  local-hostname : (or/c string? #f) = #f
  local-port-no : (or/c (integer-in 1 65535) #f) = #f

Can somebody suggest a solution? How do I specify a hostname for tcp-listen in news.arc?

(Arc/Racket beginner. I am sure I am not asking the right question here and I must be doing something wrong. Asking so that things become a little clearer for me)

(news.arc - cms/forum that is used by arclanguage.com/ and news.ycombinator.com)

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I think this forum post best answers your questions.

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Could you please write a summary, too? Or at least copy/paste a quote of the answer? It's more helpful when answers here aren't just a link. (And in this case, the forum thread is quite long, it wasn't obvious to me what post(s) in it have the critical info for this question.) –  Greg Hendershott Dec 18 '13 at 13:01
Thanks for the reply. Are you referring to the point about using ports > 16000? For that 8080 seems to be an exception and is allowed afaik. –  abel Dec 18 '13 at 14:07

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