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I had a similar question to this one but the answers seem a bit cryptic and I'm still not quite "getting" localStorage.

  1. If I save data to localStorage, and the user closes the browser, does that data get wiped out? Or is it still accessible when they open up a new browser instance?
  2. Is localStorage data available to all instances of a browser, or does each browser instance (say, for whatever reason, the user has 5 Firefox instances opened) get its own localStorage?
  3. When a user flushes all cookies & session data, does localStorage also get wiped out?

Thanks in advance!

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Local Storage is persistant in different tabs/windows when application is opened from same domain. 5MB storage per Domain is provided. LocalStrorage can be wiped only when u remove it manualy by LocalStorage.clear(); For more on info on html5 local storage please visit :LOCALSTORAGE in html5

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