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I am trying to initialize MIDI.js with a glockenspiel instead of the default acoustic piano. But I am getting no sounds

I have glockenspiel-ogg.js and glockenspiel-mp3.js (downloaded from https://github.com/gleitz/midi-js-soundfonts ) in a directory called soundfont.

I am running the following code on window.onload. Where am I going wrong?

soundfontUrl: "soundfont/",
instrument: "glockenspiel",
callback: function() {
MIDI.programChange(0, 10); 
MIDI.noteOn(0, 35, 127, 0);
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Sorry for answer an old question, but I found a better solution:

put this after the plugin load:

MIDI.programChange(0, MIDI.GeneralMIDI.byName["instrument_name"].number);
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Mine doesn't have MIDI.GeneralMIDI, but rather MIDI.GM. Thanks –  user24601 Apr 10 at 3:36

Apparently, I was looking at a bad list for MIDI instrument codes. The Wikipedia page here has correct codes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_MIDI I was trying to use number 10, but glockenspiel is number 9. So, this line should be:

MIDI.programChange(0, 9); 
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