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List your favorite heap analysis tools (e.g. jprofiler, jmap, ...). Let's keep it one tool per answer, with a short list of pros and cons for each tool.

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YourKit : http://www.yourkit.com/


  • The interface is clean and it's fast
  • It opened a large 5-gig heap dump where jProfiler grined to a halt. And it only needed 1-2 gigs of JVM ram to do so.

Cons: Of course... it's not free :(

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Eclipse Memory analyzer http://www.eclipse.org/mat/

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Java VisualVM, jvisualvm, included with the JDK. A pathologic Swing program is examined here.

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On Mac OS X, see Where did jvisualvm go? –  trashgod Mar 12 '13 at 12:18

BHeapSampler http://dr-brenschede.de/bheapsampler/

  • generates an class-level heap-graph as a really intuitive display of the dominant memory structures
  • can process really large heap dumps
  • comand-line tool, usable on server side without tranfering the dump to the developers desk
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