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IS it is possible to change the default page layouts that can with MOSS. If so where are they stored to change?

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This article by Heather Solomon (a SharePoint MVP) will give you some useful hints on how to create "layouts" or, to be more precise, master pages and how to deploy them: http://www.heathersolomon.com/blog/articles/servermstpageforsitecollect_feature.aspx

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Open the page using SharePoint Designer. You'll have access to the Master Page and you'll be able to modify the layout/CSS.

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Be careful using Sharepoint Designer as you get problems moving the solution to production etc..... –  salgo60 Jan 15 '10 at 16:24
Only if you actually are using a solution to deploy say custom layouts etc. If the site is an out of the box one, sharepoint designer can be enough. It gets totally unmaintainable fast though :-D. P.S. most files are ok to be edited, they just get ghosted. If however you need to edit a list form (i.e. newform.aspx), do it in a copy of the original and set the list's properties to use your custom form. –  Colin Jan 15 '10 at 16:45

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