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I keep getting exceptions from trying to connect to the endpoints server.

In my console I have registered this Android app:

Registered app

I use the CLIENT ID from the top choice, from the upper picture, in my GoogleAccountCredential in the Android app.

This is also the ANDROID_CLIENT_ID I use in the python server, when defining my API with:

@endpoints.api(name='xxxAPI', version='v1',hostname='yyy.appspot.com',
           description='xxx api',
           allowed_client_ids=[ANDROID_CLIENT_ID, endpoints.API_EXPLORER_CLIENT_ID],

I keep getting an AuthIOException though, that tells me I have an invalid audience. How long time does it need to register after deployment? Am I choosing a wrong client id somewhere?

What values should my client id's be?

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It's great that you want to share your discoveries with others, but we ask that you keep it Q&A style. That means posting the answer as an answer in its own right, not as part of the question. (Could you elabroate on the answer when you post it please too?). (I've edited the answer out of the question for now, but I haven't posted it as an answer so that you can still end up "owning" both posts). –  Flexo Dec 17 '13 at 21:22

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